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We have found our new home in South Carolina! The store is currently closed as we complete all current orders and move.
Once we are relocated, settled and up and running again, we will re-open.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Don't want to miss our on the Sales, but Payday isn't for 2 weeks? Just use our Layaway plan.

It's real simple!

Use Coupon Code LAYAWAY at checkout, and select LOCAL PICK-UP as the Shipping Option.

The Coupon Code will deduct 75% Off your Order. Check out as usual and you will pay a 25% Deposit.

We will email you a receipt/invoice for the total amount due.
You have 90 days to pay for the order in full.
Email us when you wish to make a payment, with the amount you wish to pay and we will invoice you for that Payment amount.

We will prepare your order and once the order is paid in full, we ship.

Email address:

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